“Elucidating phenoconversion through molecular phenotyping”

I have been working on several research topics including obesity, infectious diseases, cancers and rare diseases over the last 7 years. To extract meaningful biochemical data out of specimens, multi-omics platforms including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, are employed to visualize the dynamically altering phenotypes in response to diseases and treatments.

Postgraduate student supervision

Main supervision


Phuc N. M. Ho – Black soldier fly-derived anti-microbial peptides against skin diseases (2019 – Present)

Rujikorn Treeriya – Fecal microbiota composition and function in cholangiocarcinoma patients (2018 – present)



Leakkhaing Taing – Effects of bioactive compounds derived from rice germs on longevity (2019 – present)

Kanokrat Thaiwatcharamas, MD – Microbiome and metabolome of patients with Hirschsprung’s disease (2019 – present)

Thitiwan Jumpa – Effects of salinity stress on metabolic and physiological adaptation of Oryza sativa L. (2018 – present)

Pattralak Songserm – Antioxidant and anti-cancer properties of bioactive compounds derived from callus of Rhinacanthus nasutus (2018 – 2021)

Sureerat Padthisong – Post-operative recurrence biomarker discovery in cholangiocarcinoma (2017 – 2021)

Yingpinyapat Kittirat – Effects of chemotherapy on cancer-associated fibroblast in cholangiocarcinoma (2017 – present)

Kanokwan Nahok – Alkaline property of monosodium glutamate and its medical implications (2019 – present)


Chainarong Bunma – Interactions and metabolomics profiling of Burkholderia
pseudomallei biofilm phenotype during encounter with Acanthamoeba sp. (2019 – present)

Sirinya Sitthirak – Association of tissue microbiome-metabolome and chemotherapeutic response patterns of cholangiocarcinoma patients (2019 – present)

Kwuanjira Chaleekan – Development of cholangiocarcinoma patients-derived organoid (2019 – present)

Pimpawadee Phukhum – Development of cholangiocarcinoma spheroid for drug testing model (2019 – present)

Saikhim Sringan – Metabolic profiling of patients-derived cancer-associated fibroblasts (2018 – present)

Tinnapat Seaban – Pharmacometabolomics of gemcitabine-responsive cholangiocarcinoma cells (2018 – 2021)

Thanaporn Kulthawatsiri – Effects of niclosamide on metabolic alteration of cholangiocarcinoma cells (2017 – 2019)

Pattama Prommajun – Metabolic profiling of praziquantel-mediated prevention of Opisthorchis viverrini-induced cholangiocyte transformation in the hamster model of cholangiocarcinoma (2017 – 2019)